Four Pack -Child Size Bamboo Toothbrush

Buy in bulk and save on our Child size bamboo toothbrush with coloured handle and bristles.

Please choose from the five very cute colours. (just to clarify- it's a 4 pack of the one colour!:)

The bristles are soft so you won't find bleeding gums and can be recycled if cut off. The handle is made of 100% biodegradable bamboo and finished with an Eco-friendly paint. We've been told by parents that their child has went from refusing to brush their teeth to refusing to stop brushing their teeth!

Size: 14.5cm


Postage cost: $2 for 1 pack

$9.95 for any more than 1 pack or when ordered with a bigger item like a really cute bamboo dinner set!  (Just sayin!) 

As bamboo is a natural product it should not be left wet or it may go mouldy!
That means it can't be left in the shower and should be placed vertically in a toothbrush holder to dry completely after each use.

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